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I am looking for a woman that can be my equal that will walk beside me not behind me not in front of me but absolute with me arm in arm and see what life has to bring us I'm a hopeless romantic so get used to it if you are get going to get to know me I am sincerely a hopeless romantic and yes my name is Wolfgang it is quite a rough name it is German as my father was German but that is my name and I am very proud of it and I'm just looking for a woman close to my age that I can become friends with first and hopefully it will lead into something much closer I love all the outdoors I love to cook in fact I am an excellent cook and I would love to cook for you and surprise you with a very romantic dinner to where we are done nobody has to do any work put the dishes in the sink and they can wait till the morning until I get them done and spend the rest of the evening getting to know one another and if that's not possible in my home then wherever you choose to dine at that would be perfectly fine with me man willing to meet someone out there that loves what I love and I love the sunshine warm hot summer days and warm hot summer nights and I know it cools down at night but not that much I love heat as they worked all my life in the construction industry heavy industrial building sky rises hospitals still refineries all the dangerous things that I do not have to do anymore as I am retiring as I am speaking if she is going to take about 3 to 4 months before they get my pension checks out to me and mail to me and then I can actually do something and go somewhere and with that I hope I can find the woman of my dreams and hopefully you can find a man of your dreams which would hopefully be me and for some reason this website will not let me upload my photos so if I had your email address I can send you pictures my email address is Wolfgang 625-4011 at all one word awesome all caps put it all together and that is my email address hope to hear back from the one that wishes to get to know me with that I will say goodnight to whoever might read this or hear what I have to say and I would hope to hear from someone and I'm still going to try to play on this thing in to see if I can upload photos so I can send photos pictures speak a thousand words

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