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I read an article ‘6 ways to become the type of Man Women fight for online’, here goes....

1. You are only as good as your worst photo, select good ones. Hopefully there are ok please do let me know

2. Provide “bait” by giving Women something to ask you bout.

Ok well I will be starting a new job which I'm very happy about. Because I will be making a difference to people's life's..

3. Don’t be a cliché, everyone likes going out or staying in!

When I’m not out with friends I enjoy curling up under the covers and watching a good film, any suggestions? (Bit more bait there as well, I’m becoming an expert at this!)

4. Use language that displays confidence. 

The perfect Woman for me is smart, fun and likes to have a laugh

5. Avoid negative lists.

I LOVE my nephews, Family, dogs, ice-cream, seeing shows, music, cooking, lightning storms, summer, PlayStation, reading, Films, laughing so much it hurts.

6. Show you can be one of the girls.

I don’t like football, and am happy snuggling up on the sofa watching a Film.

Now I should be beating away smart, fun, Women with a stick! 

First Date
Well I'm new to the area so for now I would have to say drinks as I don't know if there is a crazy golf arena???

Ha ha see more bait!

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