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United Kingdom
London, Richmond
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I live in south west London. I would like to meet a woman of my dream. It should be a woman from a similar professional branch as me but is not necessary. It seems to be very important to me that two persons who enter a relationship have some common themes for conversation when living in community with each other. You see, living together is not only love but also some other things as going to cinema and theatre or hoovering flat and washing dishes. I would really like to meet someone with whom I could share common interests. If you are looking for a partnership for Durable relationship I will appreciate your message or simply your visit on my personal page. It does not matter if you are tall or small, and what hair colour you have - you will definitely get a reply to your message! Please contact me. Whether this will develop into a relationship, I can not say yet, but it may be the first step on the road to a partnership. See you soon... 

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