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I am Victoria,at first it is a little about myself I'm 33 years old, i  was born feb 12,single with no kids, i am a Scorpio, i am 5''7 inches tall,  I reside in Tampa Florida , I am into buying and selling of  sculpture and art work. In more details I will tell to you about myself in the following mail if i am interesting to you and you wish to continue our acquaintance!!! I have been hurt before and i have taken the time to
heal, but how long will i continue to be scared to give my heart out.I have been hurt before,my ex was so unfaithful so we just had to call it all of now he has ran off with another woman now. But i am ready to move on with my life now and find a man to settle down with cos age is no longer on my side am ready to take the risk again and i know this time i will find a man that i will spend the rest of my life with your primary picture is handsome, do u
believe in miracles and faith or u can call em serendipity. I love
Vacation,outing with family,beach walk,as well as shopping, I love
guys who enjoy spending time with his family and wants to share
travel,passion,fine food,intellectual discussion as well as sitting in
front of the fireplace and growing old together. My wish here is to
get involve in a Serious relationship/marriage,or wish to meet a guy
who intend to get married or enter into a long term/serious
relationship you are such a magnificent guy and such are hard to find
like this days, not after all i have been through i do not want things
like this to happen to anybody i  am a business woman, i am here for
serious relationship with which I could create a family. I very much
wish to have a family, to be a loving mother and a diligent woman in
the house. It is my dream! Also I think it will soon come true.

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