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Am super romantic and willing to give love.
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United Kingdom
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I'm a nice guy and a gentleman who is looking for ONE special woman. Not just someone to hang out with. I have plenty of female and male friends to do that. I want the REAL THING. When you find someone you click with, for whatever reasons of physical attraction and chemistry, it's magic. I may not understand it, but that's what I'm seeking! I can even describe her: Sweet, smart, funny, sexy, playful, honest, affectionate, interesting, passionate, understanding and, I almost forgot, takes my breath away. Someone I want to talk to in the morning, exchange playful texts with during the day, can't get off my mind, can't wait to see in the evening, and spend a long time kissing goodnight. Could that be you? I'm looking to connect physically, emotionally and intellectually.

If you have read the "Five Love Languages," so much the better. (If not, I recommend it. It will tell you what you need in a relationship, and help you understand what your partner needs. If you have read it, my primary love language is physical touch, followed by words of affirmation. What are yours?) ... I am a hopeless romantic, and always a gentleman. I will open the door, I will help with you coat, and I will pull out your chair. (But please tell me if it drives you crazy.) I want to find someone who makes me soar, and if she does that, there's nothing I won't do to make her happy. Her arms are there when I need them, as mine are for her. I will always put her needs first.

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